Ballsbridge University

Ballsbridge University is an Autonomous awarding Body with an accreditation framework chartered by the Commonwealth of Dominica. The university is licensed under SRO 65 of 1996 with registration number 16184 and accreditation framework regulated by BQS. The university is an international institution operating as transnational education provider. The activities of transnational educational providers are regulated by the DRC Dominica registrar –  not the ministry of education which regulate sorely domestic institutions.
Dominica is a country with its educational system. BU is an international Project for education sustainability for all developing countries recognized by the UN DESA and supported by several ministries of education in developing countries. The main objective is the provision of academic skills and retention of skills for national development.

All our qualifications are designed in EQF and GAAP and follow the ISCED 2011 framework ensuring global recognition. We also accredit and audit centres and students can be assured that our qualifications and standards are high. BU is also a recognized member of the chartered quality institute and it is in compliance with all the company membership codes of quality practice. This is a strong demonstration of BU to quality assurance and good practice.

The University is a degree-granting power and a chartered institution which is responsible for its quality assurance scheme. We have introduced the ISO9001:2008 quality management system for quality assurance and its regulated by the board of quality standards. The university is Certified and in compliance to the ISO9001:2008 and ISO29990:2010. We respect the academic autonomy, identity and integrity of the Ballsbridge University and programmes and the QA department (BQS) applies standards or criteria that have been subject to reasonable consultation with stakeholders in all matters of quality assurance. The aim is to contribute to both quality improvement and accountability of the institution.

The curriculum of Ballsbridge University is accredited by the institute of management specialists in the UK for membership grades. Our qualification is also accepted by other chartered bodies in the UK for membership. BU curriculum is also accredited at the BQF/QCF Level 4,5,6,7,8. Students from the USA and Europe should understand that Ballsbridge University is not an USA institution and a BU qualification is a foreign qualification. It must be evaluated by evaluating agencies to an equivalent standard of a regional accredited qualification. The university is an accredited affiliate to California university FCE commissioned by an accredited university in the USA to do evaluation of the curriculum and program of institutions. BU curriculum is also evaluated by California state university Fresno institute of foreign qualifications evaluation. The university is internationally accredited by IAO for education competence.

The university do not grant credit for the experience but could be used in conjunction with other previous educational diplomas from the candidate for an admission to a recognized Ballsbridge University programme. Accepting or denial of our credit and qualification is at the discretion of the receiving party. We, there for advise potential students to inquire from the receiving party if our credits will be accepted by them. Ballsbridge University is a quality educational institution and we take quality very serious. We follow all methods of traditional education but the delivery of our courses are blended (which is an online and personal supervisor). We do not accept credits from non – approved /unaccredited organizations. The university is registered with great pride to provide affordable recognized education to people who wants promotion, but were not privileged to attend traditional academic institutes due to high fees. It is aimed at students who wants to upgrade their skills for professional grades, who were not privilege to attend academic institutes due to work or family.

Postgraduate studies at Ballsbridge University are divided into taught courses and research degrees. Taught courses involve structured, taught elements of the degree course and your marks are based on coursework, assignments, written work, projects, presentations and reports. Taught course awards include master’s degrees (MA, MSc, MBA, MRes, LLM, MArch, MEng, EM), graduate diplomas (Grad Dip) and professional courses. They typically require one year of study. Research degrees are based on critically investigating and evaluating approved topics and presenting and defending a substantial thesis (written paper). Research degree awards can either be a Master of Philosophy (MPhil), usually requiring two years of study, or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), usually requiring three years of study.

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